The Process

Irrigation Repairs:

Because we do not know the extent of the repair that is needed prior to digging it up, we do not provide a quote for basic repairs. We charge a straight hourly fee, plus parts. There is no “drive time” or “show up fee” but we do have a 1hr minimum. Simply give us a call at 813-837-9396 so we can get you on schedule to send out our technician to take a look at the property. The technician will come out and locate the issue, and repair it. You will be charged our basic hourly fee plus the parts we install.  If the problem goes to the extent of needing further action, the technician will do temporary repairs until a proposal can be sent out via email, depicting the extent and cost of the needed repairs.

Landscape Design:

Initial Consultation

Whether you’re installing a new irrigation system, landscape lighting, or landscaping, it is important to get started with a consultation from one of our experienced designers. A designer will come out and speak with you one on one about your goals for transforming your property into something amazing. Make sure to mention your budget for the project in order to give the designer an idea of what can be made within your budget. After the consultation, you will receive the final proposal within 4-5 business days after the initial visit. Once you review the proposal, if any changes are needed, give us a call or email us at we can make them for you. Upon receipt of your signed approval, we will begin scheduling the project, you can either send us an “approval” email or give our office a call so we can get you on schedule. Any projects over $1000 will require a 50% deposit in order to schedule. This can be done by mailing in a check, over the phone via credit card, or through our online billing site. If you have any questions regarding the initial set up for projects give us a call at 813-837-9396.

Demolition Time

On construction day, you are welcome to be at the property but are not required, as long as everything is accessible for what’s needed for the job. We recommend you stay out of the demolition area as there may be holes and unstable areas that may be a risk for your safety. If the project is over a course of multiple days the site may be left with open holes and other hazards that are completely normal. It is important that you do not touch anything related to the work while we are off duty.

The Clean Up

Once the project is completely done, we will pick up any and all scraps we may have left on the property and dispose of them offsite. Our goal is to leave the property cleaner than when we started. If you feel this was not the case, please call immediately.