7 Tips for Hiring Sprinkler Repair Services in South Tampa

These days, 20% of homes have automatic home irrigation systems. While sprinklers can be very useful for watering the lawn while saving time and water, they won’t do much good if they’re broken. 

If you have broken sprinklers, you should hire professionals to get to the root of the issue. With sprinklers not working, there could be a deeper problem that a sprinkler repair service can get to the bottom of.

Be sure to follow these tips for getting sprinkler repairs in South Tampa.

1. Check Their Level of Experience

One of the key things to look for when choosing sprinkler repair services is the experience that the company brings to the table. Be sure to choose a company that uses certified technicians who are well-trained in irrigation repair services.

Many companies will offer sprinkler repair services as an afterthought in addition to their main services. However, be sure to look for a company that prioritizes sprinkler repair if you want to get the best service possible.

While it can be helpful to hire a company that also knows how to do amazing home landscaping, be sure that they’re also experienced with irrigation systems. They should have plenty of experience with their installation, maintenance, and repair.

2. Be Sure That They’ll Inspect the Entire Irrigation System

When looking for a sprinkler repair company, be sure to hire a company that’s capable of checking your entire irrigation system. It can sometimes be difficult to tell what the root of a sprinkler problem is. You’ll want to hire a sprinkler repair service that can dig deep to find out what the problem is and will have a full understanding of the irrigation system in your yard.

With knowledge and experience, a professional repair service will be able to diagnose the problem properly. They can get to the bottom of the issue, whether it’s a result of broken pipes, controller settings, or issues with a valve or head that needs replacing. 

Regular sprinkler inspections are essential for keeping your irrigation system working well. As a general rule, plan on getting a professional sprinkler inspection at least once a year to keep it working its best.

3. Look for Professional Licensing

You’ll also need to find out whether the irrigation service you choose is licensed as well. It’s necessary for a for-profit irrigation contractor to be licensed to work on lawn sprinkler systems in the state of Florida. Be sure to check this before you hire anyone to do work on your lawn sprinkler system.

A license will help verify that a contractor is professional and will do a great job on your lawn. It can also help to prevent you from needing to pay fines or making expensive repairs later on down the road.

You should also be sure that the contractor has general liability insurance. This will help to protect you in case any contractors are injured while working on your property.

4. Find Out About Their Reputation

It’s also a great idea to do some research into the lawn care company’s reputation as well. You should check for online reviews when digging into a sprinkler contractor’s details.

Find out whether other homeowners have been satisfied with the services that were provided or if they wish that things had been done differently. You should also ask for referrals and references when speaking to the company as well.

Finally, it can also be useful to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to see if there are any complaints against the business. Reading reviews on the BBB can help you find out whether you’re likely to be pleased with the services the company will provide or not. 

5. Consider Their Customer Service

It’s a great idea to call a sprinkler company to get a better idea of what they have to offer and how effective they are at dealing with their customers. You should be sure that they prioritize customer service and are focused on your needs.

If contractors are kind, personable, and attentive when you speak with them on the phone, then it’s fairly likely that they’ll be attentive when trying to meet service needs as well. A company that prioritizes customer service will be more likely to do great work once they start working on your sprinkler system as well. 

6. Review Their Pricing

When hiring a sprinkler repair service in South Tampa, make sure that you think carefully about the pricing. Read over a company’s proposal carefully and try to understand why their bid is what it is. 

If the quote seems extra low, be wary. The company may be cutting corners or may not do as good of a job as other contractors that are available. They might also fail to use the best components, and the quality could be lacking.

Finally, be sure to ask about warranties as well. Be sure that the repair service will guarantee their parts and services and will fully stand by the work that they do. 

7. Ask About the Sprinkler Repair Process

Remember that when you’re looking for a reputable sprinkler repair company in Tampa, you should find out exactly what you can expect from the process. You should ask the contractors about anything that you need to do to prepare for the process. Get an idea of what will happen once they begin.

The company should be willing to keep you in the loop about what’s happening and give you an idea of what the process will be. This will help you have the smoothest time possible during the repair and ensure that you aren’t inconvenienced too much by the repair. 

Getting Sprinkler Repairs in South Tampa

If you need sprinkler repairs in South Tampa, be sure to hire a service company that will do a good job. Look for a company that has plenty of experience, be sure that they’re licensed, and verify that they have a great reputation before hiring them.

Need help with sprinkler repair in South Tampa? Contact Oasis today to learn more about how we can help meet your needs.

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