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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1: What is the insecticide made from?
We use pyrethin insecticide, that has been approved for use in & around food processing plants & restaurants. Pyrethin is so safe that the U.S. Government approves its use on such insect-prone foods as tomatoes, even while they are on their way to the supermarkte.

Q2: How safe is pyrethrin?
Pyrethrin is clear & free of allergens. Furthermore it has a low toxicity level. It is water based & biodegradeable. It is a natural insecticide that protects the chysanthemum flowers from the plant eating insects. They do not build up immunity to pyrethrin as they do other chemicals & synthetic compounds dangerous to humans

Q3: Does pyrethrin leave a residue like other chemicals?
No. Pyrethrin is completely biodegradeable. After pyrethrin affects the mosquito & other insects it decomposes harmlessly.

Q4: Will insecticide with pyrethrin harm my pets?
Used according to the label instructions, the insecticide is considered non-toxic to mammals. Pyrethrin insecticides have been used in agriculture applicastions for a quarter century with no known harmful effects.

Q5: Is pyrethrin effective against any other insects?
YES. Almost all insects are killed or repelled by pyrethrin including mosquitos, flies, spiders, gnats, wasps and all other insects.

Highlights Of The Oasis Mosquito Misting System!  

  1. All systems come with a remote control

  2. Each system has a built in fail safe device taht will shut the system down if a leak is detected in the lines to protect against wasting the solution.

  3. All systems are installed and maintained by our employees

  4. Maintenance is typically performed on a monthly basis

  5. Typical Maintenance includes:

    1. Re-filling the reservoir as needed
    2. Pressure testing of the entire system to ensure correct coverage & no leaks
    3. Cleaning and replacing of nozzles and screens as needed
    4. Re-adjustments of misting cycles

How does the system work?  

A 55 gallon reservoir maintains a pre-mixed solution that is automatically dispersed throughout an area that is selected to be protected from biting insects.

The solution is distributed via a series of 1/4" tubing and high pressure nozzles that are strategically installed by our team of professionals.

Upon activation a fine mist of the pre-mixed solution is sprayed and immediately eliminates mosquitos and other biting insects. The system is typically active between 30 seconds and 2 minutes per day. The environmental solution evaporates in minutes and is biodegradable.

Pet Friendly

Typical Mosquito System Nozzle Arrangemnt Diagram  

Mosquito Nozzle Placement Diagram