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Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Green!  

  1. New design & Installation, commercial or residential

  2. 3 full time dedicated repair and service vehicles stocked with over 500 parts each

  3. Fully trained service technicians

  4. Electronic valve locating and repair

  5. High tech wire tracking machines on every service vehicle

  6. Minor repairs from simple head replacement to major renovations

  7. State licensed to pull permits & perform
    - Contractor License #SP 13547/20466

We Also Offer A Maintenance Program!  

What Is Included?

  1. Electronic Test of all valves. (Ohms) This will determine the condition of the wiring and electronic solonoids.

  2. Manual Test of all valves. Each valve will be manually turned on via the controller.

  3. Adjustments. Each head will be visually inspected and adjusted if necessary to cover the appropriate area of landscape

  4. Nozzles and Screens will be cleaned and replaced if necessary at no additional charge.

  5. A Physical test of the rain sensor and adjustments if needed

  6. Adjustments to the timer for legal watering days. Adjust run times and confirm all settings.

* Additional repairs such as broken heads, pipes and valve issues will be repaired after the maintenance visit is completed, provided the client is available to approve any additional charges.

* A written detail of the completed maintenance will be left at the job site including recommendations for improvements to your system if needed along with a total cost of the job that was performed.

Cost Of Residential Maintenance Plan  

Typical Cost Of A Residential System.
 (Commercial costs may vary, depending on the size of the system")

- $10.00 per zone, minimum $60.00 which includes the 1st hour of service, regular labor rate after the 1st hour is $75.00/hr plus parts.

- Our office will call you 2 days in advance to remind you of your scheduled maintenance appointment.

- Access to the controller is needed if it is located inside the garage or locked area.

The frequency of maintenance visits:
- Once Per Month
- Every 2nd Month
- Every 3rd Month
- Our let us know the schedule you would like.